G-Bag | Eco-friendly Non woven bags in Nairobi Kenya


We embrace our environmental responsibility by minimizing our environmental impacts, G-bags is a choice that can be recycled, other alternatives like paper bags won’t be reused or recycled. So it is always eco-friendly in nature.

Types of G-Bag
  • Dye cut Bag
  • Dye cut Bag with a bottom flap
  • Normal with handle+ Bottom flap
  • Grocery bag side flap
  • 3D bag
  • Cooperate launches promos
  • Promos
  • Hotel industry
  • Retail shops
  • & More

  • White, Green, Beige, G/yellow, l/Yellow, L/Ivory, Ivory, Red, Black, Cyan, N/Blue Yellow, Orange, Purple, Pink & R/blue
  • Red, Orange, Green, White, Black, N/Blue, R/Blue, L/yellow & green etc.

Recyclable- Reduce your carbon footprint and have a positive impact in our environment. Use 100% recyclable G-bags to make a difference.

Eco-Friendly- The non-woven polyproylene fabric used for G-bags are eco-friendly. unlike other woven fabric such as cotton and bamboo that normally create heavy emissions duiring the material production, the production of non-woven materials does not create toxic emissions.

Ultrasonic Heat Sealing- The most advanced technology to produce stronger and more attractive bags than traditional sewn methods.Bags dimensions, styles, seam patterns, handle styles, and quantities are digitally programmed to ensure accurate and consistent quality.

Stylish- Available in Unlimited styles and dimensions, various seam patterns and handle styles, which make a G-bag a real fashionable green style statement.

Effective-Effective production provides cost effective solutions for brand awareness and promotion. Customers use these eco-friendly and stylish bags for various purposes, which proved a walking advertisement for business and organizations.